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            What are the characteristics of anti-static bags Site:Home > News > Company news
            What are the characteristics of anti-static bags
            Source:shaoshan Heng sharp new material co., LTD.!  Time:2014/11/13  Number:4066

            In the previous article we introduced bags electrostatic could lead to huge losses. So in order to deal with this problem, in the market for sales of anti-static bags. As a new type of packaging, it has what characteristics? We have to have a simple understanding.

            1, jumbo bag, easy to transport: unlike barrels or other rigid container, it bags is foldable, less space, save the remote delivery cost.

            2, rigid packaging bags compare with other more economic, good strength, and can according to the abnormal need to portray inch, arrived in rational use.

            3, save human capital: in the Labour capital rapidly rising today, for the use of the bags to plead with higher automation, more can save money, save work time saving, and lunch delivery and product storage. More important is, of course, anti-static bags can prevent the occurrence of static electricity, reduce the unnecessary loss and damage.

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